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About H.O.P.E

This Is How Our Story Began

Tracey A Garrett, MSN Rn began her career in healthcare in 2002 as outpatient care technician, who would eventually become a Phlebotomy Technician, a LPN 2005, an RN, and has a Masters Degree in Clinical Education. She has 12 years of experience in Medical/Surgical and Critical. 8 years as an ER nurse from Wishard Hospital (Eskenazi). She found her passion for teaching during her career as a critical care nurse in the ER and as a facilitator for new employees. She then ventured into a career as a Clinical Educator. 3 years later she is proudly opening The Hope Training Center. 


Tracey Garrett is a state licensed Clinical Educator and Professional Healthcare Trainer.


"I have always felt that with such a shortage of nurses there must be a shortage of educators."


-Tracey Garrett

H.O.P.E. Mission Statement: 

Quality training to the allied healthcare field, producing competent,

compassionate, ethical, and professional healthcare providers.

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